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Commercial Electrician in Indian Trailo, NC

If you own a business, you should already know that at some point, you will need to hire an electrician in Indian Trailo to fix electrical issues and maintain your property's wiring systems. Unfortunately, many people forego certified, experienced electricians to save money. The reality is, trying to fix an electrical issue in your business is no small task and often costs more money than hiring a professional. Working with electricity can be dangerous to your property and, more importantly, your health.

It might seem like a good idea to try a DIY approach or call your "do it all" local handyman, but going pro will save you time and money when it comes to serious projects like thermal imaging and three-phase panel installations. Think about it: why spend money buying expensive supplies and countless hours watching electrical repair videos when there's a good chance you'll need professional help in the end? Many DIY electricians have good intentions but often end up damaging electrical systems worse than before.

At Engineered Electrical Solutions, we get the job done right the first time, so you can focus on enjoying running your business while we fix your electrical problem. We bring the same level of quality and reliability to every job we perform, whether it's a routine safety inspection or an entire commercial rewiring project. Unlike some electricians in South Carolina, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are safe and satisfied with our work. We pride ourselves on keeping customers informed throughout their electrical job and follow up on our projects to make sure our fixes stick.

Service Areas

At the end of the day, excellent customer care is what we strive to achieve. We do so by providing the highest quality commercial services at affordable prices, all year long. Here are just a few reasons why Lowcountry residents trust Engineered Electrical Solutions:

  • We Have Decades of Electrical Repair Experience
  • We Offer Customer-Centric Electrical Services
  • We Treat Your Property Like Our Own
  • Our Electricians Provide Quality, Efficient Work
  • We Are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Electricians in South Carolina
  • Commercial Electrician Services
  • Industrial Electrician Services

If you're looking for the very best electrician in South Carolina, put down the pen and paper and look no further than Engineered Electrical Solutions. Keep reading to learn more about some of our most popular services.

Commercial Electrical Indian Trailo, NC

Your Trustworthy Commercial Electrician in Indian Trailo

Having a reliable electrician on hand that you can trust with electrical repairs is of utmost importance when you own a business in South Carolina. For years, Engineered Electrical Solutions has provided business owners with the most effective electrical repair and installation services in the Lowcountry. Our team is adept at assisting businesses of all sizes, from small "mom and pop" shops to industrial plants and everything in between.

 Electrical Repair Indian Trailo, NC

We offer a wide range of electrical services, from electrical panel installation and business rewiring to transformer installation and thermal imaging. Modern businesses count on energy-efficient electricity to help run their day-to-day operations. If you need your electrical systems to run smoothly so you can stay focused on building your business, count on Engineered Electrical Solutions to be there when you need us the most.

A few of our most popular commercial and industrial electrical services include but are not limited to:

  • Parking Lot Light Installation
  • Transformer Installation
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Circuit Testing for Businesses
  • Electrical Grounding for Businesses
  • Preventative Maintenance for Electrical Equipment
  • Generator and Motor Insulation Resistance Analysis
  • Electrical Wiring for New Businesses
  • Electrical Troubleshooting for Businesses
  • Electrical Service Upgrades
  • Ongoing Maintenance Plans for Vital Electrical Equipment

Why is Hiring a Commercial Electrician in Indian Trailo, NC, a Good Idea?

As a business owner, you know first-hand that closing your doors costs money, time, and possibly your clients. That's why, when you have an electrical issue that must be remedied, you need quick, cost-efficient help so you can keep running your business. But trusting the job of a trained electrician in the hands of an amateur can be a big mistake.

Sure, your uncle may know how to flip a few switches on the breaker in your home, but serving a commercial business is an entirely different animal. In fact, trusting your company's electrical needs to just anyone can end up costing you more in the long run. Here are just a few of the most important reasons to consider hiring an experienced commercial electrical contractor.

 Electrical Panel Installation Indian Trailo, NC

Adherence to South Carolina Electrical Codes

Did you know there is a litany of regulations and codes you must follow when servicing electrical components in a commercial setting? From remodels to maintenance, a knowledgeable electrician will know these codes in and out. If they don't, they've got the reference material and support to ensure their work is up to standard. Taking the time to hire a commercial electrical company with vetted technicians means you don't have to worry about legal fines and reprimands for not adhering to regulations associated with common services like commercial lighting installations and upgrades.

 Electrical Safety Inspection Indian Trailo, NC

Specialized Skills and Advanced Training

In general, a commercial electrical contractor in Indian Trailo, NC, must undergo extensive training and pass more tests in order to practice their trade in South Carolina. Like their counterparts in the residential electrical business, they must both pass exams and complete apprenticeships. But commercial electricians have more in-depth training. They must also prove their knowledge of the National Electrical Code, or NEC, which encompasses safety procedures and building codes in the U.S. The advanced training that commercial electricians complete sets the foundation for services such as:

 Electrical Safety Upgrades Indian Trailo, NC
  • Commercial Electrical Panel Maintenance and Replacement
  • Emergency Electrical Services for Businesses, Warehouses, Facilities, Etc.
  • Commercial Wiring and Electrical Component Installation
  • Commercial Retrofits
  • Commercial Renovations, Remodels, and Electrical for New Construction
  • Much More

When you break it down to the basics, commercial electricians in the Lowcountry require more experience because of factors like safety, complexity, and reliability. It's not unusual for a contractor to complete over 4,000 hours of on-the-job experience, to learn about complicated topics like voltage and phase balancing, control systems, and phase diagrams.

Avoid Electrical Hazards

If you're like most people, you hire professionals like corporate lawyers, helicopter pilots, and commercial electricians to handle the things you don't have the skills to do yourself. Because, if we're being honest, many services provided by commercial electrical contractors are dangerous and even downright deadly. While you can find "How-To" articles that insist that this type of work is simple, taking on an electrical project for your business can have catastrophic consequences - both for your business and for the family you're supporting.

Hiring a commercial electrician for your business safeguards you, your employees, and your business. That's because they're trained to spot commercial electrical hazards and have the tools to fix the problem correctly and according to South Carolina regulations.

 Electrical Service Upgrades Indian Trailo, NC
 Electrician For My Business Indian Trailo, NC

Minimize Cost

Some business owners make it a point to hire non-professionals to handle their electrical work, thinking they'll save money in the long run. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Cutting corners and hiring unlicensed friends or family members creates hazards that will set your company back much more than it would to hire a qualified commercial electrician. Mistakes are costly and often end up with you having to close your business while they're corrected. This downtime will affect your ability to do business and may even affect your brand loyalty and customer base.

5 Tips for Lowering Your Commercial Energy Costs

Energy mismanagement - it's one of the most common ways that businesses lose unnecessary money every year. Though every business in South Carolina will eventually face some sort of energy waste, that doesn't mean you have to settle for expenses you can prevent. At Engineered Electrical Solutions, we're all about supporting our fellow business owners. To help you reduce electrical costs, follow these five tips.


Upgrade Your Lights

In terms of low-cost solutions, this one is among the best. If you've been using incandescent bulbs throughout your business, try installing compact fluorescents instead. They can last 9x longer and save you money over time. While you're at it, remove any incandescent lights powering exit signs in your building. Replace them with LED alternatives.

Lighting Control

Efficient Lighting Control Plans

Did you grow up in a household where your mom or dad constantly reminded you to turn off the lights when you're done in a room? That same basic principle holds true here. If lights are left on unnecessarily, be sure they're turned off before closing for the day. If you find that doesn't help, you may need to develop a shift-based system to turn off lights. Our team of commercial electricians for your business in cityname, state, have the expertise to help you establish a system to lower energy waste without affecting your company's productivity.

HVAC Maintenance

Perform HVAC Maintenance

According to the Small Business Administration, HVAC use accounts for nearly 40% of energy use in commercial buildings. It's clear, then, that poor-performing HVAC systems can rack up monthly energy costs quickly. To prevent this from getting out of control, make sure your AC and heating units are well-maintained and free of expensive issues. You may want to also consider installing programmable thermostats, which can automatically control the temperature settings on your property to help maximize your energy savings.



The EPA states that keeping your commercial building properly insulated can save you as much as 10% on your energy bill. Don't settle for obvious areas like walls and windows. Be sure your electrical outlets, pipes, and HVAC ducts are properly insulated too.

Energy Management

Consider an Energy Management System

At Engineered Electrical Solutions, we can provide you with an energy audit for your business that pinpoints areas of energy waste and how those areas can be improved. Having an electrical assessment is a great idea for any business owner, especially if you have a storefront where customers come and go because it can help lower your overall operational costs.

Common Commercial Electrical Issues

Commercial and industrial-sized buildings are large and complex by the nature of their construction. By proxy, commercial buildings have complicated wiring and electrical systems. Electrical work in the commercial market is best left to experienced, licensed professionals. If you're looking for the very best commercial electricians in Metro Indian Trailo, Engineered Electrical Solutions is here to serve you.

We have completed hundreds of commercial electrician projects for companies like Blue Oyster Restaurant, Shell Gas Stations, Flex Warehouses, Dentist Offices, and many more. With the most up-to-date equipment and years of professional experience, our team is ready to tackle your electrical problem, no matter how large.

 Safety Inspection Indian Trailo, NC

Here are just a few of the common electrical issues that we solve for Lowcountry business owners:

Commercial Electrical Indian Trailo, NC

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Your businesses' electrical system will trip when it has too much electricity running through it. These problems are very common in commercial properties and usually stem from one of three culprits: circuit overloads, short circuits, and ground fault surges. Obviously, when your circuits are tripped regularly, your business operations suffer. To help solve your circuit breaker problems, our commercial electricians will come to your location for in-depth troubleshooting. Once we discover the root cause, we'll get to work on repairing your circuit breaker, so you can continue working and serving your customers.

 Electrical Repair Indian Trailo, NC

Flickering Lights

Like tripped circuit breakers, dimming or flickering lights are among the most common commercial electrical problems in South Carolina. These issues typically stem from poor electrical connections. These poor connections will usually cause sparks, which can start fires and wreak havoc on your commercial building. While dimming lights might seem minor, if you leave this problem to fester, you could be looking at permanent damage to your businesses' electrical systems. Given the danger involved in fixing this problem, it's important that you work with a licensed business electrician like Engineered Electrical Solutions as soon as you're able to.

 Electrical Panel Installation Indian Trailo, NC

Dead Power Outlets

Dead power outlets aren't always dangerous, unlike other recurring commercial electrical issues. They are, however, disruptive to your company's productivity. Dead outlets are common in older commercial buildings and are often caused by circuit overloads. Connecting multiple high-wattage devices and appliances to the same power socket can cause overheating. When the power outlet overheats, it can lead to tripped circuit breakers. In some cases, the live wire catches fire and burns until it is disconnected. For a reliable solution using high-quality switches, sockets, and circuit breakers, it's best to hire a professional business electrician to get the job done right.

Residential Electrician vs. Commercial Electrician in Indian Trailo: What's the Difference?

Finding a real-deal, qualified commercial electrician in South Carolina is harder than you might think. Whether it's due to availability or budget, you might be tempted to hire a residential electrician for your commercial electrical problem. While it's true that great residential electricians can help solve commercial issues in theory, it's always best to hire a business electrician with professional experience.

Unlike their residential colleagues, commercial electricians are licensed to deal with different materials and procedures suited specifically for businesses. Commercial wiring is much more complex than other wiring and is strategically installed with maintenance, repair, and changes in mind. Additionally, commercial properties usually use a three-phase power supply, necessitating more schooling, skills, and technical ability to service.

The bottom line? If you're a business owner with commercial electricity problems, it's best to work with a licensed commercial electrician, like you will find at Engineered Electrical Solutions.

Professional and Efficient from Call to Technician

Engineered Electrical Solutions has built its reputation on a simple formula: give our customers the highest-quality commercial electrical services, the most helpful customer service, and the best prices available in town.

As a veteran-owned and operated business, we take pride in good old-fashioned hard work and dedication to our craft. No upselling. No misleading fine print. Only quality electrical work and reliable commercial electricians in Indian Trailo, NC.

We want to be sure every one of our customers is satisfied, which is why we offer a three-year guaranteed on our labor. If you're in need of a commercial electrician for your business or organization, give our office a call and discover the Engineered Electrical Solutions difference.


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Latest News in Indian Trailo, NC

CATS express bus to continue serving Union County after recent town, county leader votes

Indian Trail town leaders voted to continue funding the transit service after Union County commissioners asked local jurisdictions for funding.INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — While Union County commissioners voted earlier in June...

Indian Trail town leaders voted to continue funding the transit service after Union County commissioners asked local jurisdictions for funding.

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — While Union County commissioners voted earlier in June to end an express bus service offered by the Charlotte Area Transit System between their county and Uptown Charlotte, the route is expected to remain active after leaders at both the county level and within the town Indian Trail now supporting the service, CATS announced Thursday.

Indian Trail's town council voted 5-0 on June 13 to continue funding for the 74X route to Uptown Charlotte. The unanimous vote means Indian Trail will spend about $18,000 to maintain the stop, according to a letter from the town manager. This means residents who use the bus to commute to Charlotte will be able to continue boarding the bus at The Union Towne Center Park & Ride, which is located at 5850 E. Hwy 74 in Indian Trail.

City leaders in Monroe, meanwhile, have yet to make a decision on funding their own 74X stop. If the city council opts to continue funding Monroe's stop, service remains unchanged. However, should funding from Monroe stop, the 74X will terminate in Indian Trail beginning October 2.

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Union County commissioners cited decreasing ridership and the cost of running the service during its April 17 meeting. However, the board of commissioners did consider public feedback from upset riders during a more recent meeting on June 19. One resident's feedback said they relied on the 74X daily, and another said the comment they would like to write "wouldn't be very nice". Another rider said using the 64X route, the adjacent express bus with service terminating in Matthews, would be inconvenient as they live 12 miles from that stop, whereas the 74X stop is just two miles away from them.

County commissioners ended up voting in favor of continuing the 74X service to Indian Trail while requesting funding from local jurisdictions within Union County for the service.

You can stream WCNC Charlotte on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, just download the free app.

"CATS is pleased to continue its partnership with Union County and Indian Trail to provide express service to the region," a CATS spokesperson said Thursday.

In their most recent decision, officials also cited the forthcoming reopening of exclusive bus lanes on US 74 as a benefit of the service. In Feb. 2022, Charlotte city leaders agreed to pay $750,000 to reopen the lanes, which have not been used since 2017. The lanes provide dedicated space for buses and emergency vehicles for approximately six miles: from Uptown Charlotte to Wallace Lane. The lanes were supposed to reopen by the end of 2022 but still remain closed.

Indian Trail woman says she was scammed out of $23,000

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — A local woman says she was tricked out of more than $20,000 after getting an email that looked like it came from Apple iTunes.Karla Timpani said the scam started with an email that said she owed more than $125. Now, she realizes there were red flags.“For God’s sake, read the letter, look for typos, because this letter was filled with typos,” she told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “I just kick myself for not doing the things that I should have done.”ALSO READ: W...

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — A local woman says she was tricked out of more than $20,000 after getting an email that looked like it came from Apple iTunes.

Karla Timpani said the scam started with an email that said she owed more than $125. Now, she realizes there were red flags.

“For God’s sake, read the letter, look for typos, because this letter was filled with typos,” she told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “I just kick myself for not doing the things that I should have done.”

ALSO READ: Watch out for scammers pretending to be from your utility this summeR

Timpani said she knew she didn’t owe any money and wanted to clear that up, so she called the phone number that was included in the email.

“I was in a hurry, and I wanted to get this done and over with,” she said.

Timpani said the person who answered her call pretended to be with Apple. He walked her through the steps to undo the charge, but it ended up looking like Apple owed her thousands of dollars.

“That should have been a flag, too,” she said.

Timpani said the man pretended to panic about losing his job and begged her to go buy Bitcoin and gift cards from various stores to cover the difference.

She fell for it.

“I really thought that I had made a mistake, and I was trying to do the right thing and give him his money back and not get him fired,” she said.

Her bank told her it was a scam, but by that point, she had handed over $23,000.

“I flipped out crying,” she said. “It’s a nightmare. I’m kicking myself all the time.”

Timpani reported the scam to Apple and multiple agencies, including the FBI.

“I felt so alone,” she said. “If I can help just one person not get scammed this way or any way, that is what I am after.”

Action 9 offers this advice: If you get an email saying you owe money or ordered something you know you didn’t and you are worried, don’t trust the contact information on the message. Look up the information for the company directly and find out for sure before you do anything else.

(Watch below: Watch out for new scam involving Facebook Marketplace, Zelle)

'There's no excuse': Union County hardware store caught overcharging customers during state inspection

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A Union County hardware store is in trouble with the state after inspectors found the business overcharged customers. Their recent inspection of Ace Hardware Indian Trail flagged widespread problems in the checkout line.State records reve...

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A Union County hardware store is in trouble with the state after inspectors found the business overcharged customers. Their recent inspection of Ace Hardware Indian Trail flagged widespread problems in the checkout line.

State records reveal the store's scanners overcharged inspectors by nearly $90 over the advertised prices on a sample size of 50.

"There's no excuse for that amount of overcharge," North Carolina Department of Agriculture Standards Division Measurement Manager Chad Parker said. "It's just someone, personnel, neglecting their job."

Parker said the overcharging at the store in question is by far the worst he's witnessed in recent years.

"All it takes is a little bit of work and you're a whole lot better than that," he said.

Inspectors visited the store in early March after receiving a complaint. Their final report lists more than 20 items that rang up at a higher price, ranging from 40 cents up to $5 per item.

Parker said inspectors are finding more and more businesses overcharging customers. State records identify an extraordinarily high number of stores across the state, 22 in all, fined in the fourth quarter of 2021 for overcharging and Parker expects the problem to continue. He believes it's a sign of the times, the result of a labor shortage coupled with inflation.

"It's just getting very bad right now as far as overcharges," he said. "Inflation causes the prices to go up and it's hard to hire the correct people or enough people to help change the prices."

Overcharging costs customers like Jerry Griffin.

"I got to pay for it," he said. "It comes out of my pocket in ways I don't like."

Inspectors will visit the Indian Trail store again in the coming weeks and depending on what they find then, could fine the company up to $5,000.

WCNC Charlotte is always asking "where's the money?" If you need help, reach out to WCNC Charlotte by emailing money@wcnc.com.

Customers, while shocked by the problem, said they trust the store will make things right.

"I would assume they are going to correct it one way or the other," Frank Witkowski said.

The store’s owner originally agreed to an interview with WCNC Charlotte, but canceled. He later sent a statement.

"The Helpful Hardware Company acquired Indian Trail Hardware, where this incident occurred, in 2021 and has been undertaking the painstaking process of converting it from its previous wholesaler to Ace Hardware," owner and CEO Darin Workman said. "Unfortunately, during this transition there have been isolated discrepancies between our shelf price and our scanned price. Our ongoing policy states that whenever such discrepancies are identified, we will honor the lower of the two. We are currently inspecting our entire inventory to identify and eliminate any such discrepancies and are confident that the Department of Agriculture will be satisfied upon its return to reinspect the store. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve Indian Trail and will continue making every effort to be regarded as a respected, appreciated member of this community."

If you believe a store you frequent is overcharging customers, you can reach out to the Standards Division at (984) 236-4750.

WCNC Charlotte only found out about customers getting overcharged at this store because a viewer sent in a tip. If you have a tip you want our team to investigate, we'd love to hear from you too.

We've made it easy for you. Just email investigators@wcnc.com

Contact Nate Morabito at nmorabito@wcnc.com and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

WCNC Charlotte is committed to reporting on the issues facing the communities we serve. We tell the stories of people working to solve persistent social problems. We examine how problems can be solved or addressed to improve the quality of life and make a positive difference. WCNC Charlotte is seeking solutions for you. Send your tips or questions to newstips@wcnc.com.

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes Near Charlotte: 2022

It's that time againWise Acres FarmOpens Sept. 17Location: 4701 Hartis Road, Indian Trail | 704-628-6232Cost: Reservation form to be posted soon. Admission includes a wagon ride through the woods, a scavenger hunt, animal visits, and more. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the beloved Wise Pie Pizzas are available.Days Open: Thursday-Sunday (see site fo...

It's that time again

Wise Acres Farm

Opens Sept. 17

Location: 4701 Hartis Road, Indian Trail | 704-628-6232

Cost: Reservation form to be posted soon. Admission includes a wagon ride through the woods, a scavenger hunt, animal visits, and more. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the beloved Wise Pie Pizzas are available.

Days Open: Thursday-Sunday (see site for hours)

Country Days Corn Maze

Sept. 30-Nov. 5

Country Days is open Sept. 30 through Nov. 5, with a corn maze, barnyard animals, games, farm activities, and more.

Location: 416 Joe Lee Helms Road, Indian Trail | 704-753-1299

Cost: $5-$10 for maze; children 3 and younger free. $1 for other farm activities or $26 for unlimited wristband.

Days Open: Friday-Sunday open hours, with reservations available Mondays-Thursdays (see site for exact hours)

Carrigan Farms Pumpkin Patch Tour

Open in October

Pumpkin picking is back at Carrigan Farms in October. Guests ages 12 and older may also be interested in Scarrigan Farms.

Cost: $14

Location: 1261 Oak Ridge Farm Highway, Mooresville | 704-664-1450

Patterson Farm

Sept. 24 – Nov. 5

“Currently, admission includes: The barnyard, playground, corn maze, visiting the pumpkin patch, and many other activities!”

Location: 10390 Caldwell Road, Mount Ulla | 704-636-4005

Cost: $12 per person on weekdays; $16 per person on weekends. Purchase tickets online.

Days Open: Sunday-Saturday

Cherry Place Farm

Open during the weekends in October, the farm has a cornmaze, hayrides, feeding the animals, a baby pumpkin, and popcorn.

Location: 1922 Oakdale Road, Rock Hill | 803-325-4715

Cost: $9 per person

Days Open:: Saturdays and Sundays in October

The Hunter Farm

Sept. 16-Nov. 6

Pumpkin picking, feeding/petting barn, hayrides and food trucks on weekends.

Location: 13624 Providence Road, Matthews | 704-846-7975

Cost: $10 per person for a wagon ride to the petting barn (a 3-5-pound pumpkin is included)

Days Open: Tues-Sun (see site for hours)

Bush-N-Vine Fall Farm Fun

Fall schedule coming soon.

Location: 1650 Filbert Hwy., York | 803-684-2732

Cost: Pumpkins are priced by poundage (Less than 5 pounds, 1.15 cents per pound; More than 5 pounds, 69 cents per pound.)

Days Open: Monday-Saturday (see site for hours)

Riverbend Farm

Info coming soon

Take a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, slide down Slidezilla, play on the farm-themed playground, see the barn animals, plus have an ice cream served in an ice-cream parlor setting.

Location: 12150 McManus Road, Midland | 704-888-2891

Cost: Info coming soon

Hours: Info coming soon

Indian Trail's new mayor settling into role after colleague's passing

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — The Town of Indian Trail in Union County has a new mayor: David Cohn. Cohn took over in late February after the death of now former Mayor Michael Alvarez.Alvarez, well-known in Indian Trail for always being available and giving his contact information out to residents, passed away in January after battling cancer.The town was then left searching fo...

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. — The Town of Indian Trail in Union County has a new mayor: David Cohn. Cohn took over in late February after the death of now former Mayor Michael Alvarez.

Alvarez, well-known in Indian Trail for always being available and giving his contact information out to residents, passed away in January after battling cancer.

The town was then left searching for a new mayor to fill out the end of Alvarez’s term, which ends in late 2023.

What You Need To Know

Current council members eventually settled on Cohn, a 10-year veteran of the council himself. Cohn served his first two terms on council from 2012 to 2020, before filling in for another term on council the following years.

“You know there were things I wanted to see get done in the town,” Cohn said about his desire to join council, highlighting his work for the town’s parks. “The year I got in, we decided instead of doing one park, we’ll do two parks,” Cohn added, “[We] got the park bond passed.”

Cohn has lived in Union County for 16 years, saying he and his wife agreed back in the early 2000s, Indian Trail would be a great place to live.

In 2012, he ran for council with Alvarez, and then ran again. Now, he’s filling Alvarez’s seat at town council meetings and around town.

“I consider it an honor to be asked to do it, and to do it. So, I told them I would,” Cohn said about being asked to serve the end of Alvarez’s term.

He was officially sworn-in as the town’s new mayor on February 22, 2022.

“To tell you the truth, I really have to pay attention all the time now. Before I could let my mind drift a little bit, sometimes, but as mayor, you’ve got to be on your toes at all times. And I’m saying that halfway kidding,” Cohn joked.

Cohn said he jokes around like former Mayor Alvarez, the man he shared 10 years with on town council.

“He was a people mayor, he was for the people and helped the people, so I’d kind of like to be known to do the same,” Cohn said“He was a people mayor, he was for the people and helped the people, so I’d kind of like to be known to do the same,” Cohn said about what of Alvarez’s tenure he would bring to his own.

But the mayor’s job is not all business. Cohn also gets to have some fun, like when he went around to the town’s schools, talking with fourth graders about trees and sustainability of the environment with the town’s park and recreation staff.

“You know, on council we don’t get out and do this type of thing as much. There’s a lot more to do as the mayor,” Cohn said after addressing the gathered fourth graders. “I enjoy it, you know, I enjoy just every aspect of doing it, whether it’s working with kids or helping somebody with their storm water issues, it’s just fun to help people.

Cohn said he’s reminded of Alvarez’s impact to the community constantly, even sharing the same mayoral phone number as Alvarez.

“As a matter of fact, funny thing is my phone number’s the same thing as his phone number, so anybody that had his phone number has my phone number,” Cohn said with a smile.

Alvarez, known across town and at town hall for working the phones, answering questions and calling town staff with citizen requests, left big shoes to fill. One last lesson still sticks in Cohn’s brain as he continues settling in to the new role, something he said he also watched Alvarez do almost every day.

“This job is not about me, it’s about the town and it’s about enjoying helping people and I think Michael did a good job of doing that,” Cohn said.

The town’s business continues, despite who’s running council meetings. Cohn said he and town council are currently hard at work figuring out the details of next year’s budget.

“We’ve got some, what we call ARPA funds now, which is federal government’s giving us money that we’ve never had before. And, we’re actually getting to buy some firetrucks with it, getting to spend some money on parks and roads. And that’s what people want, they want us to fix the roads,” Cohn said about the budget process.

It’s a budget process Cohn is used to from his days on council, but this time he’s leading the conversation from his new chair with lessons remembered from its former user.


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